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All new Samsung S Note templates

Samsung just released new templates for S Note. If you own a Note, check if you have these new templates. I

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TiM - 16th August 2016 Reply

Links to these templates, please. Thanks

    Tassoheijnen - 18th December 2017 Reply

    These templates will appear in your S Note app

Rafa? Miko?ajczak - 15th March 2017 Reply

I need an option to make a new template out of any jpg. Like a black background. Or anything. Why restrict the number of templates??

    Mobilesurfers - 18th December 2017 Reply

    Good question Rafal! Unfortunately you can not make your own templates, but are dependent on Samsung for that.

joans - 9th January 2018 Reply

I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition and have been using the horizontal calendar template for the past 3 years. This year I wanted to create a 2018 calendar with the horizontal template but none of the horizontal templates are available. Has anybody else have this option disappear on them?

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